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The categories of words being chosen for phansigar game is random as well the words in question. Keep on pressing restart link at bottom of the web page untill you get the desired category. For example you can skip 'Country' category by pressing the restart link untill you get 'Food' or 'Animal' category. After you select the required category, simply observe the number of dashes that are part of the word. This will help in determining the count of the letters (haroof) that are part of the secret word. Now click on any of the alphabet of Urdu. If you select the correct letter, it will be revealed and the dash will be replaced by the character of the secret word. If all the letters are guessed correctly, the player will win the game and the hangman will be saved from hanging wink happy face

پھانسی گھر کیسے کھیلنی ھے ؛ یہ جاننے کے لیےویڈیو دیکھیےاور یہاں کلک کریں

Urdu (Roman) English اردو
Mulk Country ملک
Khoraak Food خوراک
Janwar / Hasharat Animal / Insect جانور / حشرات
Daroost Right درست
Ghalat Wrong غلط
Jee Yes جی
Nahee No نہیں

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