this title is created in MS Word97 by using Urdu Nigar

Urdu Nigar


Urdu Nigar is a utility that helps in writing Urdu, Arabic and Persian in nearly all Windows word-processors. This utility can also be used to create Urdu Web Pages.


Write Urdu Text in 'Urdu Nigar' and then select Cut or Copy option. The contents of the 'Urdu Nigar' will be copied to the clipboard. Now select the Paste option in your favourite Windows word-processor. The contents (i.e. Urdu Text) of the 'Urdu Nigar' will be transfered to the word-processor. Make sure that 'ALKATIB1' font is selected and the paragraph alignment is set to Rigth or Center.



Directly copy the contents of 'Urdu Nigar' in Microsoft Word and then save it in ‘HTML document’ format to make a Web Page. User can also take print outs of the documents and create Urdu Titles in graphics software.

Note: ‘ALKATIB1’ True Type font should be installed in system prior to viewing the documents.


Snap Shot:

Snap Shot of Urdu Nigar

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